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“Where health for the body begins with the sole”


Feet N’ Soul has moved from Deroche to Mission!

Charrin has joined the team at the Cedar Valley Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic, #112 – 32423 Lougheed highway in Mission. 

The same great service in our new convenient location at the intersection of the Lougheed Hwy and Cedar (the connector) in the Prospera strip mall.

Book your appointment for renewal and restoration for your body, mind and soul with a therapeutic foot reflexology treatment and/or a soothing traditional Indian Head massage. Why not really pamper yourself and do both treatments at the same visit allowing yourself to come into deep relaxation and rejuvenation of the whole body.

Book your appointment with Charrin, at her new location in Mission, today!


Feet n’ Soul Reflexology


Reflexology strengthens the body by working areas in the feet that correspond to body parts. This natural therapy supports every part of the body reducing stress and allowing the body’s natural healing process to function more efficiently.

Some benefits of reflexology are: relieves pain, improves digestive system performance, helps unblock congestion, improves blood flow, stimulates lymphatic system, balancing effect on hormone production.

Reflexology is a natural healing modality that promotes relaxation and rejuvenating the whole body.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing treatment that can be very beneficial both physically and psychologically. It incorporates areas of the body that are vulnerable to everyday stress and tension, upper back, shoulders, arms, neck and face.


Indian Head Massage

Treatments are done in a sitting position and client is fully clothed during the massage.

Some benefits of Indian Head Massage are: improving circulation and relaxation, lowering blood pressure, calming and nurturing the nervous system, relieving accumulated tension that enables the body to rest and re-balance.

Indian Head Massage is a preventative modality to promote relaxation in the body.

Feet N’ Soul Reflexology & Indian Head Massage Pricing

To Book Your Appointment


Call Charrin at 604-289-2255 or email her using the form provided on this page.

Charrin’s clinic office is located at:

Cedar Valley Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic
#112 – 32423 Lougheed Highway
Mission, BC
V2V 7B8

Cedar Valley Physio

Charrin is a member of the RABC Reflexology Association of Canada. She is skilled in advanced, and clinic reflexology as well as Indian Head Massage.

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About Charrin

charrin gerbrandt, feet n' soul reflexology in mission bc

Charrin Gerbrandt

Charrin is a member of the Reflexology Association of BC RABC. As a Reflexologist, Charrin has her training in advanced and clinical reflexology. She continues to grow in her knowledge through on-going education and techniques.

Her training in Indian Head Massage is an additional technique to enhance health and wellness.

Charrin has had many years of working with people with special needs. This has often placed her working beside occupational and physiotherapist and required to implement their many techniques and strategies into individuals routines. Additionally, she has a history of supporting peoples with chronic pain and injuries, as well as living through her own, Charrin spent much time applying techniques and involvement with other healing practices such as massage and physiotherapy, and implementing various exercise programs to gain her own health.

With a long time interest in Reflexology and a desire to change occupations, she took her first course of Basic reflexology with Chris Shirley of Pacific Institute of Reflexology. It was soon an area she wished to explore and continued on with Chris for Advance and Clinical courses. It was through Chris’s clinic that she saw the flyer for Indian Head Massage with Susan Allen and found it complimented the reflexology very well.

The province of British Columbia is now recognizing professional Reflexologist who have met their criteria and taken a written and practical exam, this exam Charrin has successfully completed.

She continues to expand her knowledge and to maintain her clinic as a safe and comfortable environment for people of all ages.

Reflexology and Indian head massage are natural healing modalities to promote relaxation for the body and to enhance its own healing process. These modalities should not be considered to be a replacement for treatment from your licensed medical practitioner, Reflexologists do not diagnose or prescribe.


Reflexology Pain

I was in a car accident 3 yrs ago, my feet were injured and I have suffered with chronic pain and nerve damage since then. I started my reflexology treatments with Charrin Gerbrandt and was very pleased with the results. Her ability to recognize where to apply pressure and how much, released me from having to live with pain and discomfort. I found it was also helpful for my plugged ears and when I had shoulder pain. I had experienced reflexology 20+ yrs ago and wondered if it really did anything for me however my experience with Charrin has changed my thoughts about reflexology. I HIGHLY recommend her service to you!

Patricia Cagnetta

Reflexology Ticklish feet

A time ago, my dear friend Charrin who does reflexology, wanted to practice on my feet. The mere mention of it made me cringe as I have extremely ticklish feet. At first I thought, NO WAY, but after some coaxing I finally gave in. Lo and behold it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, as a matter of fact I quite enjoyed it. After it was done, I sat and felt extremely relaxed and comfortable. Which is unusual for me to sit still. So, would I do it again? By all means I would. So anyone who is also very ticklish, give it a try. You just might enjoy it.

Len Newton

Indian Head Massage Anxiety
I struggle with anxiety and tension. I was given an IHM and found to my surprise, that it brought me not only to a place of rest but I was able to have my mind slow down, relax, and restore. It feels so good! It also helped with the tension in my neck and shoulders which alleviated my pain. I slept really well after which was great as I don’t usually sleep well at all.

Jessica M

Indian Head Massage Curious

I was curious about Indian Head Massages, because I had heard that massaging the scalp would be good to help my hair loss. I wasn’t sure at first but once I had my initial treatment it far exceeded my expectations. Charrin started from the middle of my back and the treatment works it’s way slowly to the top of your head bringing you to an amazing total relaxation. I had to fight off falling asleep because I didn’t want to miss any part of it. If I had my choice between a back massage and an IHM, I’d take the head massage hands down.

Murray Evans

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage Insomnia/ Headaches

I came to see Charrin for reflexology and Indian Head massage.
My first session of reflexology I came with a bad headache, neck pain and tension in my back. After the treatment, the pain had lifted and I was able to move my neck normally! It was such a great experience. Each treatment I left feeling so much better. I buy the 4 for forty package and interchanged both treatments. The Indian Head Massage was so wonderful, I even fell asleep (I’m really uptight) and could not believe how good I felt after. My husband said, “whatever that lady is doing, keep it up, you are the relaxed woman I married”. I strongly suggest both treatments. you will not be disappointed.